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Steven Robert Allen
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Our dishwasher doesn’t look anything like this. Our dog doesn’t look anything like this either.
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How about a dandy little story about a dishwasher? Doesn’t that sound nice? All right, here goes.

Our dishwasher, which we bought from Sears a couple years ago, has been on the fritz, so we called Sears to come out and service the thing. This was two Fridays ago. The guy said he’d show up “between 1 and 5 p.m.” My wife took off the afternoon, but the guy didn’t show up at all. We went out for the evening and got a call on our machine at around 6 o’clock from the serviceidiot saying that he’d come by the house and since we weren’t at home, we’d have to reschedule.

We rescheduled. For the following Tuesday (last week). The guy said he’d be there “between 1 and 5 p.m.” It was my turn to take off the afternoon. Again, the cretin didn’t show up.

What the @#$*#@&#$@*#&$*#@&(%!!!!

Yep. We’re stupid. We called to reschedule. They said we were actually on the docket for a service call yesterday. My wife arranged for the service dipshit to call us before he headed over so we could meet him at our place to avoid wasting yet another afternoon.

He called me at 1:45. I told him we’d be there in half an hour. My wife reached the house at 2:10. Ten minutes later she got a call from the service jackass saying that he’d been waiting at the house for 45 minutes, and since no one was home we’d have to reschedule.

We won’t be rescheduling. With all due respect to the exceedingly polite and apologetic people at the national call center who arranged for these service calls, Sears can take their rescheduling and shove it up their … ahem … well … you know.
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