Guv Would Ax The State’s Commission On The Status Of Women

Marisa Demarco
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Guv would ax the stateÕs Commission on the Status of Women
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The executive budget recommends cutting 100 percent of the New Mexico Commission on the Status of Women’s funding. (What’s fun about the commission’s homepage is that it sports a big picture of Gov. Susana Martinez and congratulates her on becoming the first elected female governor.)

The agency has been around for 37 years and would be dismantled June 30 if the executive branch has its way. But the Legislative Finance Committee is in favor of funding the commission. Nothing has been decided yet.

According to the news release from Chair LaNelle Witt, the department runs on about $600,000 with a staff of seven and costs each taxpayer about 40 cents per year. More than 51 percent of the state’s population is female, she states. The commission offers workshops and training to displaced homemakers, runs a girls program and provides crisis support services, among other things.

Witt suggests sending e-mails and letters to the governor:

Governor Susana Martinez

c/o Cyndi Montoya, Director of Constituent Services

Governor’s Office, Room 400

State Capital

Santa Fe, NM 87503

or e-mail:

She also mentions contacting the House Appropriations and Finance Committee to show support:

Rep. Henry Kiki Saavedra (505) 986-4316

Rep. Danice Picraux (505) 986-4438

Rep. Luciano "Lucky" Varela (505) 986-4318

Rep. Ray Begaye (505) 986-4436

Rep. Donald Bratton (505) 986-4227

Rep. Brian Egolf (505) 986-4211

Rep. Joni Marie Gutierrez (505) 986-4234

Rep. Jimmie C. Hall (505) 986-4215

Rep. Rhonda King (505) 986-4438

Rep. Larry Larranaga (505) 986-4215

Rep. Antonio Lujan (505) 986-4436

Rep. Patricia Lundstrom (505) 986-4435

Rep. Nick Salazar (505) 986-4433

Rep. Don Tripp (505) 986-4220

Rep. Richard Vigil (505) 986-4242

Rep. Jeannette Wallace (505) 986-4452
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