Gwar At The Sunshine Tonight!

God, What An Awesome Racket

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Regardless of whether you’re a metal head, a fan of gore and filth, or simply an appreciator of lowbrow humor, GWAR is a concert not to be missed. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll be soaked by a giant blood canon. The band has recently suffered the untimely death of guitarist Cory Smoot. His character, Flattus Maximus, has been retired, but the show goes on. GWAR not only offers a dirty, sticky performance, but they are actually pretty tight metal musicians. Oderus Urungus fearlessly leads "the earth’s only openly extraterrestrial rock band" with his devilish, bovine charm and his awe-inspiring cod piece.

Ladies, this will be a total pickle party, so come with a posse. It is the only time you will ever see rockers wearing white. With any luck, I’ll be the one in the wedding dress.

The show is at the Sunshine. Doors at 7 p.m. Opening acts are Every Time I Die and Warbeast.
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