H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

Amy Dalness
2 min read
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For whatever the reason one says “bless you” (or some other variation) after another person sneezes http://www.snopes.com/language/phrases/blessyou.htm, there are common superstitions associated with sneezes from around the globe http://www.netlaputa.ne.jp/~tokyo3/e/sneeze_e.html. I enjoyed my St. Patty’s Day at an Irish pub in Austin, Texas … which is of no real consequence other than that is how I came to discover why all Americans are going to hell.

You see, Austin is the bearer of many allergens that I reacted to, making my pub experience only slightly less enjoyable due to random fits of sneezing. After a particularly annoy stint, a man leaned over to say, “Bless you.” I smiled and said, “Thank you.” This man, who I later learned is British, told me that I must not say, “Thank you,” or I’ll let the devil back inside. I explained that we Americans didn’t know that … and that’s why we are going to hell. We have the devil inside.

I told Christie, our managing editor, my newly discovered addition to the common superstitious practice, and now make a game of who is harboring the most devils. Which is it? “Thank You,” or no “Thank you”?

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