Hack Writer Fakes Hardships

Marisa Demarco
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Hack Writer Fakes Hardships
Creation of Adam (Gangsta Version) (Knarf2)
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Riverhead Books is recalling 19,000 copies of the “memoir” Love and Consequences by Margaret B. Jones, whose real name is Margaret Seltzer. She claimed to be a mixed-race girl who grew up in gang country, L.A., when really she is totally white, grew up in Sherman Oaks, Calif., and attended a private school.

She never ran drugs for the Bloods. She never lived in foster care. But she went as far as to get people to vouch they were her foster sibs. Her real sister called the publisher, and the story unraveled.

My question is: Why couldn’t she have written it as a fiction book? Also, why couldn’t she have written her real memoirs? Maybe about her bitchy big sister who sold her up the river? Everyone’s got a story. Guess Seltzer’s got one now about being a faker. But it’s probably not as good. White America is just fascinated with gangstas and hip-hop culture. It’s the new Mafia.

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