Hair Deux

Jessica Cassyle Carr
1 min read
This haircut implies a fondness for bondage and says, “I’m different, but not very original—and maybe a little desperate.”
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Things in French seem more high class, even if the translation makes no sense. I’m getting zee cheveux cut this afternoon. Realizing this is a $60 cut and I had nothing in mind, I started to peruse hairstyles on ye olde web. Below, is a gallery of interesting lady cuts (some of which are on boys) taken under consideration.

Twiggy’s mod cut—meh. Her makeup is more exciting.

Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby —after she gets this boy cut (something I never like on feminine women) things go downhill, what with the Satan’s spawn.

A glorious beehive—allegedly it’s not a hard to accomplish. This is conspicuous consumption for hair.

A Bay City Roller displays the glam mullet and jumpsuit.

Molly Ringwald displays a bad perm and the dress she mangles in Pretty In Pink , a distracting movie to watch for the many who want to fix her hair and clothes throughout its duration.

Johnny Thunders was the toughest New York Doll, and definitely had the best hair. This is what I would do to my hair if I was a junkie rock star.

Joey Ramone, and most of the other Ramones for that matter, had good hair.

Cat Power has really excellent hair, and it’s not unlike Joey Ramone’s, but less mussed.

Would Crystal Gayle have been nearly as popular if she didn’t have freakishly long hair?

I’m assuming this woman owns a cocker spaniel. Maybe a shih tzu.

The shocking, shocking 1920’s bob.

The gibson girl’s insides are so squeezed that her brain puffs out and pushes up her hair.

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