Halloween Webgame Wednesday

Amy Dalness
1 min read
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Trick-or-Treaters will hit the streets en mass tonight. I say lets do some treating right now with a bit of sweet gaming. Happy Halloween!

Transylmania—Well, aren’t you the cutest little vampire on the block? Too bad everyone’s trying to kill you. No problem, just turn them all into undead monsters and then take a nice, relaxing nap in your coffin. After life is good.

Bashing Pumpkins—Take a journey around the world and bash those pumpkins!

Grow Tribute—I love Grow games … but a Grow game with toxic sludge? Genius! (And hard!)

Slingoween—Snag candy while slinging your pumpkin through the air!

K-mart Haunted House—Another fun advergame, this time for K-mart! Choose a costume (I like Robin and Yoda) and search the haunted house for candy and keys and stuff.

Halloween Hangman—For you word nerds out there.
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