Hand + Forehead = Loud Slapping Sound

Amy Dalness
2 min read
It’s a box full of lies. Lies!
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Is there a dunce cap or some-such apparatus those who’ve been played for a fool on April Fool’s Day must wear? Cause I need one. I really need one.

This morning, I happily skipped into Steven Robert Allen’s office (yes, I always call him by his full name) for a brief, friendly "Hello." We got to talking about this and that, and for some reason I felt compelled to tell him about Google’s latest Gmail endeavor: Gmail paper.

"They’ll send you paper versions of your e-mails—right to your door," I exclaimed.

"That’s kind of stupid," Steven Robert Allen said.

Yeah, it is kind of stupid, I thought."Maybe it has something to do with that copyright thing," I offered.

"Um, yeah. OK," Steven Robert Allen said with a dismissive wave as he dove back into the grueling task that is copyediting Best of Burque.

Hey, it wasn’t my idea, I thought. It was those geniuses at Google—have they led me astray? I went to Gmail for a bit of fact checking and what awaited me on the website?

(Psst…if you missed it, check out our April Fool’s Day joke.)

The loud slapping sound as my hand hit my head was heard throughout the office. Oooh, you Google-nerds! You made a fool out of me, for sure (and I bet I wasn’t the only one). Gmail paper = a hoax.

Yes, Steven Robert Allen, it is very, very stupid.
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