Hangover Sports Roundup

Money Mayweather’s Boxing Clinic, Derby In The Rain, Who Cares About The Nhl?

Justin Goodrum
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Hangover Sports Roundup
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Floyd Mayweather Jr. had another spectacular performance on Saturday and mostly dominated Shane Mosley. Mayweather might be the cockiest professional athlete alive, but his skills cannot be denied.

Mosley’s trainer, Naazim Richardson, and Mosley himself were in
good spirits despite failing to crack the Mayweather puzzle. Resident ESPN boxing expert Bryan Kenny gave a good recap for those who didn’t catch the pay-per-view fight.

Horse Racing

Normally the horses rank pretty low on a sports weekend, but the annual Kentucky Derby always attracts attention. This year’s race was pretty entertaining, even though rainfall almost ruined the event.
Calvin Borel, jockey of winner Super Saver, could soon be a household name as he has won three out of four Derbys. Is the Triple Crown is in his future?


Philadelphia Flyers played the Boston Bruins on Saturday and delivered an overtime thriller. If
this doesn’t get fans to watch the NHL playoffs, what will?

Lobo Basketball

KRQE sports office caught up with head coach Steve Alford to talk recruiting, scheduling, and his latest fundraiser to battle cancer.
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