Happy Halloween? Not Likely.

With A Driveway Like This, Who Needs A Dangerous Hell Hole?

Nick Brown
1 min read
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The city is ripping up all the sidewalks on my street just in time for Halloween. How would you like to negotiate this scene in the dark through tiny eyeholes in a rubber mask. I can just see some kid falling down so a foot of rebar jams through his skull.

Also, just to continue bitching for a moment, I’ll have to park my car somewhere out on the street where I can’t keep an eye on it. Eggs, soap, smashed in windshield? I’ll find out tomorrow.

I’m not sure what the plan is, either. They’re just ripping up random stretches of seemingly fine sidewalk and, in many instances, leaving sections that are cracked and buckled by tree roots. Somebody told me that they’re replacing the sections that would “impede the flow of water.” Are we expecting a flood?
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