Haunted Toys

Nick Brown
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It’s been said that 3% of all teddybears are haunted. I don’t like those odds. It’s also been said that haunted toys can’t be destroyed by fire (actually, I just made that up). What? Don’t I get to make stuff up, too?

Ghost hunter Bob Shaw offers this advice: “If you have a haunted toy I’d suggest you get rid of it. Haunted toys might sound like fun and a bit of excitement, but sometimes they can be a nightmare.” Amen, Bob.

Back in the ‘70s, Rod Serling’s
Night Gallery did a half-hour adaptation of “The Doll,” by Algernon Blackwood. I haven’t found “The Doll” online, but you can find lots of Blackwood’s other stories and they’re almost all pretty good.

Until it gets taken down, you can watch Night Gallery’s version of “The Doll” in parts
1, 2 and 3. And, yes, that’s where the scary doll in the picture is from.
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