Heckle The Headlines

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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I read (or scan) a lot of papers and their sites every day, trying to get ideas for stories. One byproduct is that I often get different perspectives on the same story. Today, two headlines really struck me.

Regarding the same Bush speech, here’s the
Washington Post’s headline: "Bush Renews Victory Pledge in War on Terror."

And here’s the
BBC News headline: "Bush Likens Bin Laden to Hitler.”

I really like the
Post . But that headline writer is really feelin’ the ’ol stars and stripes today. In contrast, BBC News lifted what it thought would be the most interesting parts of the speech to its readers, most of whom, I’m assuming, are European.

The American media has taken its fair share of criticism for the slanted way it handles war coverage, post-9/11 coverage, Bush coverage, election coverage. I guess it’s a lesson we still haven’t learned.
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