Hello, Mrs. Mansname

Frances Boot
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Hello, Mrs. Mansname
A feminist
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Because of my profession, I am oft treated with respect. Most of the people I deal with during my occupational journeys do not use my first name, but rather the appellation Mrs. Boot. The problem lies in the fact that I am not Mrs. Boot. There was a Mrs. Boot, but she died a decade ago (God rest yer soul, grammie). I am Ms. Boot. This causes those in my charge no end of consternation. “But you’re married!” they cry. I explain that Boot is my name, not my husband’s. And even if it were, no one less than Ms. Emily Post has said that it is correct usage to use Ms. for an adult woman unless a different preference is expressed. Then this same crowd professes that they’ve never heard of the honorific ‘Ms.’ Which leads me to the following points:

1. Really?

2. What the fuck?

3. Don’t ask me what we’re naming our non-existent children.
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