Help Make The Fugo Ii A Reality

Steven Robert Allen
2 min read
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Here's the latest from Chad Person, the enterprising Albuquerque artist who has set out to make a hot air balloon in the shape of an atomic bomb:

Dear Friends,

This Is a CRITICAL WEEK for the FUGO II Passenger Atomic Bomb Balloon Project.

Our goal is to raise $8,000 in donations by the end of this week (March 26th). That is only 800 people at $10 each! Donors sending larger sums knock down the number of total donations needed even further. If we come together this week en masse we WILL get the FUGO II into production next month.

Say yes to FUGO II and donate at:

Additionally, SHARE YOUR VOICE

A charge has been led by critics of the FUGO II to block its admission to the festival. We are answering that effort with a call for the support of freedom of expression at the “super bowl” of balloon festivals. if you support the ideas behind the FUGO II, please e-mail the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Directors to let them hear your voice. Just a simple note showing support can make all the difference. Please respectfully send your opinions to the director and staff at the following address:

If you cannot donate, but would like to help, please download and post “Bomb for Peace” flyers, and help spread the word about the FUGO II.

Thank You for your time and support,

Chad Person

If you have not yet been exposed to the FUGO II, or for more information on the project see:

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