Here Guinea Guinea Guinea

Animals That Purr

Mildred McGillicutty
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Here Guinea Guinea Guinea
Koko and kitten, both purring, presumably
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The other night while petting my new devil cat and watching the Daytime Emmy Awards (!) my mom informs me that cats don’t purr because they’re happy, rather because they’re hungry. I asked her where she heard such a thing, and just then Kelly Ripa’s mug appears on the TV, she’s up for a nomination. My mom points to the TV and says, "she said so." What?! Yes, Kelly Ripa at one point in time informed America that cats purr because they’re hungry.

Assuming this is utter bullshit I consult the Wiki. Well, well, well, some cats do indeed purr when they want to be fed. But that’s not all I learned. Apparently cats aren’t the only animals that purr.

The following also purr: Guinea pigs, raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, ring-tailed lemurs, elephants, gorillas.

Those last two make me feel pretty weird.
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