Heroism Going By The Wayside?

Simon McCormack
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Heroism Going By the Wayside?
Cinderella Man
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An article on American.com claims there haven’t been any real heroes in the movies for decades. The author, James Bowman, says we’ve had to get by on one of three pseudo-heroes: the whistle-blower, the victim, and the cartoon or superhero.

Bowman makes a good case, but I think he forgets one man. Russell Crow. Crow has been in two movies I can think of off the top of my head where he plays real, honest-to-goodness heroes. In Cinderella Man, he plays a hard-working, extremely loyal and caring working-class American who becomes a boxing champion. Then in Gladiator, he plays a war hero who slays an emperor, all the while having no negative personality traits. It’s truly remarkable that Crow can play these types of characters because, by all accounts, he is a complete piece of shit. But he does. So suck on that, Bowman.
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