Hey, It’s Tax Day! Is That Captain America?

Amy Dalness
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Hey, itÕs Tax Day! Is that Captain America?
Chris Evans as Captain America
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On Election Day, its common to see those who participated in the democratic process sporting an oval-shapped sticker with an American flag declaring “I Voted” Where’s the one for “I Filed My Tax Return”? I suppose it is one of the most hated aspects of being a citizen of the union. Like voting, not all Americans participate. But unlike voting, the feds really ( really) want you to. Nay, require you.

Along with the filming of
The Avengers in Downtown Albuquerque this morning, protesters turned out to participate in the MoveOn.org organized gathering to draw attention to corporate tax shenanigans. With all the film equipment, lighting vans, kraft service carts and security guards, I (for one) mistook the protesters as part of the movie’s background. In reality, I was too busy gawking towards the director chair trying to catch a glimpse of the ultimate patriot. I bet Captain America filed his tax return.
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