Hideous Alien Creature Fran Drescher Thinks She Was Abducted By Hideous Alien Creatures.

Nick Brown
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Hideous alien creature Fran Drescher thinks she was abducted by hideous alien creatures.
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Honking celebrity gorgon Fran Drescher now makes claims of alien abduction. In screeching hag-like tones, she maintains aliens stuck a chip, possibly a Funyun, in her lotion-slimed hand. The alien chip programmed her to forever speak like a cartoon goose and marry her now gay ex-husband, fellow abductee Peter Marc Jacobson. Jacobson denies having an alien chip himself, even if it could explain why he married Fran Drescher. The aliens now insist Fran Drescher abducted them , though it’s not really a question of just wanting off the spaceship worse. Next time our Nanny gets abducted we can only hope she stays that way.
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