Hillary's Ego Trip

Hillary's Ego Trip

Jim Scarantino
2 min read
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Honestly, what is the point of Hillary Clinton staying in the race any longer except to stroke her ego? She can’t win with the few, smallish primaries remaining (and she’s going to get creamed in Oregon). The only strategy left is to provoke a floor fight, change the rules she agreed upon originally regarding Michigan and Florida and blow up the Democratic Party in Denver. She’s not even raising enough money, and has to fund this endless road trip herself. That should tell her something. But she doesn’t seem to listen to anything but the diva in her head (you know, "me, me, me, me").

And what’s up with
Diane Denish? Is she a Hillarybot or what? She’s alienating good chunks of the Democratic Party of New Mexico with her rear guard action for Clinton’s losing effort.

Obama’s speech. I am a cynic about ALL politicians (if you haven’t already figured that out). But my reserves of cynicism were drained pretty low listening to his amazing message last night. There is something quite special about him as a political leader. I am starting to believe he may really mean what he says about bringing us all together, and that he may be the person to do it. That’s darn close to an endorsement from me, the co-chair of McCain’s 2000 effort in New Mexico.

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