Hip-Hop Laydeeeez And 2-Wheel Drifting

Marisa Demarco
2 min read
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Of course you already saw the latest from
M.I.A. Just go ahead and watch that masterpiece again. Americans might not realize the vid is pretty political because it shows women behind the wheel. Just a few months ago, a woman was sentenced to 10 lashes for driving in Saudi Arabia.

Here’s one of the clips that inspired M.I.A.’s drifting vid. These arab locos pull two wheels off the car so they can use them as tables. While the car is in motion!

If you’ve got more time for eating beats, dig on
Azealia Banks. This song is DOPE. And it’s pretty dirty. (NSFW if your work sux.) She’s one of few female emcees known to rap about lesbian sex.

My officemate, Staff Writer Margaret Wright, introduced me to
Maluca, the Dominican emcee from the Bronx. Her work genre-hops. This booty-shaker is the single she’s pushing right now. Good good. And those are the sickest tights I’ve seen in a minute.

DJ Tahnee told me about Little Dragon , this Swedish R&Bish dream-maker . I now own the band’s whole catalog. xoxoxo 4eva.

OK. That’s what I’m listening to. You may now return to your regularly scheduled p.m. doldrums. Or go attempt feats more astounding than these.
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