Hipsterdom Marks The Death Of Culture

Simon McCormack
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Hipsterdom Marks the Death of Culture
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God bless Douglas Haddow. He’s written the most concise, well reasoned critique of what is perhaps this nation’s worst, most despicable counter-culture movement: hipsters. Don’t believe me? Ask ANY obvious hipster, and he or she will deny being one. The movement has already become severely self-loathing.

The culture is not associated with any calls for social change, but rather entirely defined by certain products: tight jeans, fixed-wheel bikes, Pabst beer etc. Most everything hipsters wear can be defined as a "vintage" clothing item. Inherent in the term "vintage clothing" is the implication that the garb has already been warn by a previous generation. So, even in its most prized attribute, its fashion, hipsterdom fails to offer anything new.

I initially took a much less extreme stance towards hipsters until I saw a MySpace photo of my friend who recently moved to Portland. She was surrounded by men and women who looked exactly like her. I don’t just mean they were wearing the same clothes or making the same facial expression, I mean their hair color and cut, makeup and even posture were identical. We can’t afford to let this culture corrupt our youth.

I must admit that I have, in moments of weakness, purchased items I know are associated with hipsters. My converse sneakers and old sports coat are prime examples. I feel a tinge of guilt every time I put them on.

I know the urge to fit in is powerful, and I battle it regularly. But I would maintain that, were someone to look at a photo of me and my friends, they could still pick me out of the crowd. And finally, stop wearing fake glasses hipsters. Some of us were not born with the gift of perfect vision and have been forced to wear spectacles. Please stop co-opting them so you can use them as fashion accessories.
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