Hola Burquenos!

Mark Lopez
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Hola Burquenos!
Photo by Brittany Olivarez
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Allow me to introduce myself … My name is Mark, and I am the copy editor/staff writer here at The Weekly Alibi. I hail from the seaside city-town of Corpus Christi, Texas. I recently moved to Burque in November of 2012, and still consider myself somewhat new in town. However, the camaraderie and pride that exists in this beautiful oasis in the desert is immediately apparent.

So, (with inspiration from a globe-trekking friend and support from my amazing editor Carl Petersen) I decided to start a weekly blog/column on Alibi.com where I would take suggestions from citizens of Albuquerque (you!) about things to do in this city from concert venues to restaurants to hiking trails to stores to particular foods/drinks to what-have-you. The possibilities are endless! Well, not entirely endless because I can’t fly or repair motor engines or think well on my toes, so if that eliminates your idea, throw it at me anyway. I figured that not only would this endeavor acclimate me to the city, but it would also allow you to revisit the things you love about living here and spark a nostalgia of why Burque is so great.

All suggestions will be considered, but they may not all be performed. I’m only one person. You can email me suggestions at mark@alibi.com or post them in the comments section, and let’s get this thing started. I feel like this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Cheers!

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