Hot Blonde In Red Escort

Jessica Cassyle Carr
1 min read
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Remember the days when you always looked at the Alibi I Saw Yous in the personals section? I miss those days. It was fun to see messages for people you knew, even yourself, perhaps, or just generally humorous entries. Now I'm told that the I Saw Yous have been rendered useless by the Internet, but I don't believe it. The Austin Chronicle, the Portland Mercury, the Philadelphia Citypaper and Seattle's The Stranger all have active I Saw Yous or I Saw You-esque personals. Our newest entry is about two months old. Do people not realize that the ads are free? Or do we just need to put a little effort into building the local I Saw You culture back up? Is there some way we could encourage people to place ads? I'm going to do my part. As long as I get the go-ahead, I'm putting in an ad for next week. I'll run into someone on purpose but be too timid to speak to them.
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