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Nick Brown
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Hot For Creature
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I can’t take credit for the headlline, dammit, but it’s a good one. Here’s a story from Washington City Paper about a seemingly sane man who saw a yeti 13 years ago and is doing everything he can to prove it.

Here’s another story about a woman from upstate New York who’s
seen the yeti frequently for several months. It eats her pigs’ food and pays her for it with rocks and pine cones (what a rip off). It plays catch with her, too, but from a hiding place. I believe everything she says except that last part, which I think is a lie. Why would she wreck a true story with a lie?

And here’s a woman who snapped a picture of
Ogopogo on Sunday, but she’s “waiting for the film to get developed.” I bet she’s getting her film developed at Wal-Mart. They have some really sweet deals on all kinds of merchandise. They’re slashing their prices. She’s just waiting for her film to get all developed and shit.

Finally, here’s a bit from Loren (ahem) Coleman about the
Canadian Wood Bison. I always feel like I’m going to get a bunch of viruses from his site… or cooties, maybe. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting bit on the Wood Bison.
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