Hummers For All

Hayley Shoemaker
1 min read
A “green” Hummer. Hum ...
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There may actually be a thread of hope to prevent all of America from becoming Texas: Hummer H2 sales are down 27 percent from last year. For those of us who feel no guilt for automatically placing harsh judgments on Hummer drivers, this comes as a sign from God. Hallelujah. It seems that Americans wallowing in overabundance are finally discovering why they just can’t scrape up enough cash to get their all-too-necessary gastric bypass surgeries—pumping in over 100 bucks a tank every other day into these behemoths is taking its toll.

As alternative energies continue to be researched further and further—and with the trend of “green” living becoming the new organic—it looks like Americans are finally on the right track.

Well, that’s what one would hope.

I should have warned you that bad news was coming. While sales for the H2 are down, no doubt, sales for pretty much every other large SUV are up, even though in previous years sales for super-sized cars were steadily decreasing. Oh, fellow human beings … there’s just no figuring you out.
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