I Can Haz Kitty Back?

Carolyn Carlson
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I Can Haz Kitty Back?
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If your kitty gets lost and ends up in the animal slammer, there is some good news—bail is cheap. The city’s Animal Welfare Department will no longer charge for a lost cat’s room and board, spay/neuter surgery or reclaim fee.

The only charge will be for cats needing a microchip ($9.00) and the city license ($6.00).

Animal Welfare made the change to help stem the tide of cats and kittens coming into shelters during one of the major breeding periods of the year.

As it is, the huge majority of stray cats in Albuquerque are rarely reunited with their owners. Statistics show that only about 4 percent of all cats that go into Albuquerque’s shelters ever return to their original owners.

For those seeking another feline friend or two, adoption fees have been scratched for June, which is National Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month. Cats younger than 3 years old will cost $30, and cats older than 3 will cost $10.
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