I Like My Coffee Black

William T. Dawson
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Written the day after attending The Valencia County Chamber of Commerce Installation & Awards Banquet Fall 2006

Luna Mansion, Los Lunas, New Mexico

Featuring Jazz Aritist Ms. Linda Cotton

Three sizes larger than Mama Cass

All decked out with Orphan Annie hair charred black

With body draped in red on black chiffon flowing

Red shoes pointed

Necklace strung with

Haunting red and black rings

The size of her Notes.

For this Gal was black

A Brazilian Coffee Bean Black,

And can belt

A song,

Deeper than Babe Ruth

A ball,

Deeper than the

Dark of her skin,

Belt it from where the Soul

Meets The Holy Grail

To beyond Midnight’s Moon.

Scat with Skank

And Bop.…..Bopiddy Bop Bop.….

Echoes across skin, whispers

“Twirl Me Round Your Finger

And Devour Me With Your Song”.

Singin’ and Dancin’ at The Mansion last night

Nuthin’ like old Times in High Cotton.…..Cotton

Dat’s what Mama always said

As she bathed da Masta’s New Born.
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