"I Saw You," A Living Sculpture Of Pulchritude On A Pedestal Of Felony Fliers

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Aphrodite in "felony fliers"

There you were: The poster child for Moonlight Blonde. Ensconced in creamy alabaster skin, bursting with goodness and barely contained by your tube top and Daisy Dukes. A living sculpture of pulchritude on a pedestal of felony fliers. We quickly exchanged glances but you were in a hurry to get your shopping done. Click here and tell me why you decided to get that huge dragon tattoo on your back. Doing a paper on body art and its wearers, but I just wanted an excuse to reach out to you.

Schiff Post Office

I was in my car at Steve Schiff PO, you were loading your truck and asked me about the ribbon hanging from my mirror. I should have asked for your info but I’m shy and was distracted by your great smile. Wish now I had had the courage then.

Virgin America Pilot flying to Oakland 5/13

We chatted on the flight from Albuquerque to Oakland and we never exchanged names. I felt so silly! I am the redhead who was reading about Hawaii. You were headed to San Francisco to fly and had recently moved back to New Mexico. I would love to show you around a bit!

Mega Babe in a Melvin’s tee, Giant @ San Mateo & Cutler

Did we make eye contact? I was on a mission in a black mini, brown boots, blue floral and lace top, and huge red hair. You were such a babe in your Melvin’s tee! I was too shy to say hi. When you walked in front of my car, my heart skipped a beat! Coffee sometime?
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