"I Saw You," A Perfect Dragon Lily

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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K.V. Yeah You!

You are illuminated candlelight in the hallways of darkness. All rough surface smoothes when lips crush and hearts strike a beat in symbiotic rhapsody. Let the ocean slam itself onto the silk of the sand, grasping with its fingertips to love’s shore until it can return with the next momentary wave. I am a perfect disaster, but you are a perfect dragon lily. This one is for you.

MIA: Cyclist from Casa Solana

You lived in Casa Solana in Santa Fe, and now I live just a hop, skip and jump from there. You moved to ABQ while I moved from ABQ. You miss seeing your friends to the north; and I to the south. You enjoy a visit to your parents in the City Different, and I remain attached to my mother at the hip. We agree that the bike paths of ABQ are exceptional for you who rides a road bike and for me who requires fat tires for security and stability. We have been two ships passing without touching.

Of desert sands, shawarma and unsolicited badgering

To the young lass I was standing in line with at Sahara’s today who mistakenly thought I wanted to be lectured on the evils of birth control and how the world should be populated as God intended it to be … while you were kind of easy on eyes, I have to tell you that you needn’t worry about contraception. You have your personality. Hope you enjoyed your tika sandwich more than I enjoyed meeting you.

Jessica With Sad Eyes

I know you’re going through a lot. Don’t worry your pretty little head, it will pass. I thought I’d let you know that I see you, in all of your radiating beauty. You are more powerful than you realize. It is a true gift to have your pleasant presence in my life, though they are small, fleeting moments. You are absolutely gorgeous. Do not discredit who you are. You are loved and appreciated. Keep your head high.
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