"I Saw You" After You Stole My Phone

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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“O me, you juggler, you canker-blossom, you thief of love!” –William Shakespeare | Reply for free or see more “I Saw You” posts at alibi.com/personals.

my hero

My card wouldn’t work at the gas station on Wyoming and Spain last week and you helped me. Hint: white leather jacket and long blonde hair. So embarrassed but happy to have crossed paths. You left before I could talk to you. Why did you leave? Your smile was intoxicating! I hope you see this and we can get together.
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You stole my phone

Beautiful selfies taken on the phone you and your friends either stole from my wife or received as stolen property from her studio downtown. Too bad you don’t know how automatic uploading of pictures to the cloud works. See a

Got you, your friends, the video, thanks!

My favorite is the screen shot you took of your Facebook conversation. Say hi to Nick for me.
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Repentant shoplifter

It’s quite a different thing when a desperate Mother takes food to feed her child, than when someone with a wallet full of money takes a high dollar item for whatever reasons. I’m just paying it forward. I got your note, but it would be better if you come see me. CCTV protects both you and me. I wouldn’t want to be walking into any ambushes. Hope you understand and hope to see you again soon. No strings. No conditions. Only pure empathy and a Parallel Connection.
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Tanya you’re the love of my life. I knew that when I first laid eyes on you. I’ve known you for five months now and I want you to know I’ve cherished every minute I’ve spent with you. I’d love you the best I could and do my all to make you happy. Can’t you see the love between us is worth the risk. You’re the most precious thing in my life, baby. I truly love you so please don’t let this chance between us slip away because you’re bitter and scared. Thank you for everything.
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