"I Saw You" And Your Magnificently Cantilevered Posterior

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Out of the Blue

I saw you at the wine bar. I was the writer at the end of the bar. We exchanged "powerful" eye contact several times before your tiny little Napoleon date showed up. You looked disappointed when he put his arm around you. I know it’s a long shot but maybe we could get together for sushi and poetry. Your red-headed friend knows how to reach me.

Kindle Femme Fatale

Love will rejuvenate my heart.

Give me the hands that hold my soul

and I shall hold and live by them forever;

Call my name, time after time,

and my response will always be on swift wings.

Lady of the Snows: The sight of your cascading cornsilk hair;

milk-white skin and magnificently cantilevered posterior visits my dreams; the taste and scent of your essence haunts my fantasies.

Lady cop in Taylor Ranch

You: pretty lady APD officer turning onto Kachina from Taylor Ranch Road, Black Friday, 9AMish. Me: BMW driver who you locked eyes with. Would love to know more.

Out of your scene

I wish I was better with ice breakers because I wouldn’t have to do this. Friday, nov. 25th at the Launchpad, You: dark brunette hair, really pretty, nicely dressed. You sat with your friend in balcony section of the Launchpad. Me: I sat across the way, by myself. Wanted to say something, but didn’t want to interrupt your conversation. Hope we can link up.
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