"I Saw You" At An Aleister Crowley Documentary

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Love is in the air; lust is in the pants. Reply or see more “I Saw You” ads at alibi.com/personals.

Flu-Blue Nuts For You!

Walmart: There you were. Embarrassed as hell because a coworker saw you all make-up-less and red nosed, fighting off the flu. I just wanted to let you know, without embarrassing you in front of coworkers, that I think you looked positively adorable: Little-girl like, in spite of your years; Your porcelain skin, crowned with golden hair, accented by that red nose, brought out all the paternal instincts in me, which constantly struggle against the sexual attraction I feel for you.

Metalachi Launchpad

Beautiful Brunette! I stared at you all night. I finally introduced myself to you. I told you, you were gorgeous. I was walking behind you when it was over. You started running, I started running. You started screaming, I started screaming. I don’t know what scared us, but I didn’t get your number. I would love to get know you.

Showing of Aleister Crowley Documentary at C’s

Though you were with someone, we glanced at each other through the documentary. Couldn’t help but notice it was whenever a certain phrase came up. You know who you are and who I am. I won’t inflict pain like Crowley. Just all the pleasure you can stand. I believe you asked our hostess what my name was. Care to make a little Magick of our own?

Blackbird Hotpants

You: plaid shirt, big ‘ol nerd glasses, and your red Adidas shoes match the aching of my pounding heart. Your quick reflexes saved a beer from spilling on me, though I wish it would have so I could have looked into your deep doe-eyes while you could have sensually patted me dry. Though I still would have been wet afterwards… Me: Stilettos and (luckily) wearing my super tight mom jeans. Just wanted to see if you would meet me for a huge cocktail—I’m really thirsty.

Blonde at Satellite @ Central/Carlisle 1/9/14 10:30am

You: Beautiful blonde wearing a reddish sweater looking at photos with an older gentleman with a beard. We exchanged a "hello" as you were pouring your coffee in a to go cup. We also waved "bye" as you drove off in your red jeep Laredo with a Zia and "SF" sticker.

Me: Tall guy sitting with his two friends near the window wearing a black long sleeve shirt and gray jeans smiling back. Would you like to sit at the same table and have some coffee?

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