"I Saw You" At Artbar

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Beautiful Femme @ArtBar 11/8/13

You: golden red hair, beautiful blue eyes, titillating skirt w/coral tights, white jacket, royal blue IS 250 chrome wheels.

Me: dark hair/eyes, teal v-neck sweater, wearing glasses.

Your jaw-dropping beauty stopped my world; our eyes met and you flashed that seductive smile. You teased me with inviting glances. We shared a Moscow Mule but I wished we could go somewhere private—I think you did too. Let’s show the world that some wishes do come true. How about you, me and a dark corner sometime?

Awkward Age Gap at Trader Joe’s

I still admire your choice of superhero jewelry, long after our last encounter. I’d like to buy you a coffee and see about being friends.

These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty

Trick questions.

Metaphoric euphoria. A yes or no would suffice, but I’d think twice before accepting either if you gave them. We talked sweets, fruits, cheese, allergies.

Incredibly small talk.


Though you talk big when it’s a solo conversation. I admire your comical honesty but good luck inviting me to your naked lunch. You remind me of a pet; slim, shaky—and easy to tease.

Lisa at the Eye Doctor 11/15/2013 a.m.

I meant it when I said, "You look so pretty and natural" today. You smiled, thanked me and said it was one of the nicest compliments you’ve ever gotten. Don’t let the ring throw you. Not married. Really!

I wear my graduation ring on my right hand, and that Biblical ring on my left because it’s the only finger on which it will fit! lol. I was too shy to ask you to dinner with co-workers nearby. I barely got the compliment out. Well, if you’re not taken, dinner? You know how to reach me!

One Last Try…

Old Navy grandma, I see you often at Coronado. I love the short haircut. I haven’t noticed a ring, so maybe you’re single? Hoping to buy you a coffee in the food court on "Black Friday." See you about noon … I hope!
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