"I Saw You" At Austin City Limits

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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"Where words fail, music speaks." –Hans Christian Andersen | Reply for free or see more “I Saw You” posts at alibi.com/personals.

We met at Lexus dealership 10/13/14

‘B’—you were in a black RX 350. We kept stealing glances at each other. I wanted to talk to you. I wanted to give you my number. I’d like to get you know you… coffee? I was at work. You said hi and that you were going back to work. I followed you outside, my boss called back. You pulled up and asked for my number. Did you lose it? I should have asked for yours, hindsight. You said I would be hearing from you. I would really enjoy that. Contact me. Adam
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ACL/ABQ Connection

I ran into you—literally—and you went flying into the chairs at Lana del Rey on Saturday. Sunday, I winked at you in the bathroom line. You winked back, or it was grapefruit in your eye, probably. We talked like once. You had those muddy boots, they were really disgusting. Let’s fest again, it would be super cool.
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Blackbird Barney on a Saturday

Debonair dark haired DJ—Your two-piece brown ensemble said funeral director from the ’70s and you had the funk to prove it. I sat at the bar sipping with a pal but boogied sola when I wasn’t making eyes at your Jewish good looks. Caught you stealing glances back and our staring contest lasted all night. I had to say hello or I’d regret it. You asked for a kiss and took my gaze along with it. I know you’d like to see more of me—so all aboard this soul train and I’ll show you all of my moves.
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San Diego Sofia Vergara

On the inaugural morn of Balloon Fiesta, you jockeyed alongside me, my morenita, and my guerito during the bus embarking stampede at Cliff’s and sat a few seats ahead of us. I did not want to take my eyes off you but I did because I was in full Papá-mode, busily taking selfies with my kids. I thought you were part of a family nearby but you introduced yourself to them as being from San Diego. I’m from Cali, too. Young “Sofia” please reach out to me. I so wish I’d have introduced myself.
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