"I Saw You" At Cliff’s

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Old flame

I saw you in line at Cliff’s waiting to take the kid’s picture with Santa. I could have sworn you were the same guy I had fallen for many years ago, before you left to Marine bootcamp. I had met you at Tumbleweeds years and years ago—it might not have been you, but if it is I sure would love to know.

I Saw The Back of Your Dress As You Slipped Thru The Door…

In the final stage of my Americanization, you & your daughter were my last ‘stamp of approval’. The Catholic girl in blazer and tartan plaid skirt dream wife, & her little daughter, for my instant family. Your leaving devastated me all the more because you never gave me a reason. That’s all I wanted. Seeing you frequently is a constant reminder that I didn’t fully achieve the American dream & that I was rejected for Patriot Act-like ‘Secret Reasons’. It was cruel & unusual punishment.


Your name is merlot… You entered the caravan with your friend Kevin. You asked me to teach you to dance. We danced and our eyes met… There was definitely a connection … I saw it in your eyes, too. I asked for your number and you gave it to me. Idk if it was wrong. I cant stop thinking about you…

I miss you…

You: Beautiful, elegant, simple and entertaining-as-hell newspaper section, called, I Saw You.

Me: Eager, young, lusting reader, wanting more action. I instantly become heartbroken when I notice for yet another week, you’ve gone missing. You keep my dick hard but always leave me wanting more. Know that I notice, I care, I miss you.
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