"I Saw You" At Ghetto Smith's

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Late night at Ghetto Smith’s

First spotted you at the ATM; you were wearing a long black coat. Our eyes met when I was at the checkout buying chocolate milk. I ran out into the parking lot to catch you, but almost got hit by a car. Maybe we can meet up?

Arlene, Albuquerque’s Favorite Octagenerian Crossing Guard

We see you, Monday thru Friday, at your job, rain or shine. Arlene, thank you for making sure our kids are looked after and safely crossed at their Albuquerque school crossing. We recently learned you are in your late 80s and have done this for almost 25 years! Word has gotten to us from our kids, and other parents in the school district and we just wanted to say to you: "Who loves ya, baby?!" God bless and keep you! You are a National Treasure. Numbers 6:24-26
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