"I Saw You" At Home Depot, Sandia Pool, Unm And On Harvard

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Tile Lady from Tile Man at Home Depot

You are a natural blonde, mature woman, and apparently own a tile-laying business. You were waiting in line Wednesday a.m. at Home Depot, Eubank SE and Central SE, 10/05. Dressed all in blue, you looked like a Celtic goddess after a heated battle, your golden hair shining and your face flushed bright red. I rushed out to the parking lot, to perhaps invite you to coffee, tea, or lunch only to see you drive away in your gold truck. I’m a very nice man who wanted to make a connection.

Black Coogi Bikini @ Sandia Pool

Black Coogi Bikini,

I saw you at the Sandia pool and told you I would make sure your son wouldn’t drown. I Had to leave before I had a chance to meet you. I looked up and you were blocking my sun like a goddess from another planet. I will to see you soon.

UNM Campus

Where: Rapid Ride Bus stop headed westbound, UNM Campus.

When: Sometime around 3:30 p.m. on the 6th of October …

I placed my bag beside you and you asked me if I worked on the set of "Let Me In" when you saw my sweater. We talked a lot about music, the movie industry, and my job. You liked my smile and I really liked your personality. I hope that you felt the spark I felt. I would like to meet you again if that’s ok …

You: Red sweater w/purple laurel flowers.

Me: Gray flannel w/green beater.

Satellite on Harvard you tall brunette at big table striped earthy sweater glasses alone

You were sitting alone studying at the big table and kept walking past me and my friend. I wanted to talk to you so bad, but my tongue was tied to my mouth. Alas I missed my chance.Would love to meet you.You were around 5′ 10", medium-length light hair, glasses, brown and tan striped top, very busty and beautiful. If interested, send number and pic in reply.
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