"I Saw You" At Marble Brewery

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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“A human being becomes human not through the casual convergence of certain biological conditions, but through an act of will and love on the part of other people.” –Italo Calvino | Reply for free or see more “I Saw You” posts at alibi.com/personals.

You nursed me to health

After you stopped laughing, thank you for bandaging my head when you saw me split my forehead open on the curb. I still see stars when I think about you. All I know is you just became a nurse, so congratulations and I hope you don’t have to do wound care on me again.
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You and a friend were enjoying the beer at Marble bar…

You (brunette, petite and most easy on the eyes) and your blonde friend were seated @Marble Brewery bar Thurs. eve, Dec. 11. I was next to your friend on the left but kept stealing looks at you, occasionally you looked back. We spoke briefly as you were leaving about the tape on lids of bottles that you both were carrying out. I should have gotten up, walked across room and held door so we may have chatted some more. I’d love to see you again and Marble would be a fine place to start!
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Look Like Stevie Nicks—Not!

Hair stylist at NE Heights salon. You were bragging about looking like Stevie Nicks? Honey, you don’t look like Stevie Nicks. You look like Bill Cunningham’s wife, Kim Brechka, with blue contact lenses. This isn’t a slam—it’s just a fact.
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Converge With Me

I didn’t see you. But I know you’re there. From Converge to Deafheaven and Modern Life is War to American Nightmare. You leave the words of these bands on the walls at CNM. Heartbroken, hopeful, self loathing poetry for anyone who bothers to read, like me. You’re using the resources the college gives you well. My old punk rock heart smiles just a bit. See you next semester? I hope so. Until then:

Save me from ordinary.

Save me from myself.

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