"I Saw You" At Our First Bisonaholics Anonymous Meeting

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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We met at our first Bisonaholics Anonymous meeting. I don’t know which of us was fatter. Still in the throes of our addiction, I was about to tell you how I used our most favorite meat during sex when you heard the snorting of the Bison-Flavored Ice Cream Truck and galloped after it like a bison cow in heat, bison helmet and all. I have pictured our sweaty, greasy bodies naked many times hence. Meet me at Keller’s Market next Wednesday at 4pm sharp and I will rub raw bison steak on you.

The Man of My Dreams …

Your eyes, your smile, your move, your hands, the way you danced, I imagine myself in your arms, dancing with you under a summer rain…saw your smile, saw your hazel eyes, saw your body … but I also saw you move away … from me … from my arms … will always remember you … I was afraid to love you, afraid to be rejected by you and I just let you go … you … the man of my dreams.

Red Light Running, Cell-Phone Using Jackass

You: White woman with short, dark hair, in her 30s, driving a gray Toyota SUV of some sort Saturday, 9/7 at or about 9am. You ran a red light, turning right into Academy NE from Ventura NE, while on your cell phone, and cut off a fellow Toyota making a left turn on a green arrow already in the intersection, and you have the freaking nerve to be upset at me, follow me to the Smith’s parking lot? You”re going to wind up killing someone one of these days, you reckless moron!
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