"I Saw You" At The Bus Stop

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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You over-shopped

I picked you up at the bus stop. Arms full from over-shopping. Me in red pickup, you beautiful and from Ukrain. You "Sam," me "James." Let’s go for pizza and see the sights. Just maybe a day of hanging out or seeing a movie. When I dropped you off at the apts we couldn’t take our eyes off each other. I would love to see you again.

Haunted by Halloween

Halloween 2013. You were in a dark gray four door truck, speeding recklessly, possibly drunk, down Montano heading east. Me, I was in a four door sedan that braked just in time to not get t-boned, but instead collided with the driver’s side of your truck. Not only did you drive away after a hit and run leaving me speechless, injured and in shock—you ruined my Halloween, totaled my car, and made it impossible to take my five-year-old nephew trick or treating. May karma forever haunt you.

Of Human Bondage…

Seeing you always brings it all back.

“A lady of curve and composure,

was loathe to forsake her enclosure,

but reading this dirge

she soon had the urge

to welcome licentious exposure.

A man robust and not unattractive

to her was visibly reactive

and fickle fate, decreed on that date

his heart be thereafter her captive.”

Alemana: Que Bien Contigo A Solas!

Nurse Ratched—VA Med Center

We got to our vehicles at the same time. I offered to let you go first. I didn’t have use of my bandaged left arm, but you were carrying a large plant. You said I should go first. Just as I was trying to get into my Corolla with a lot of pain and difficulty, you opened your Canyonero XL’s door, making it harder for me to open my door all the way. You laughed and said ""You need a bigger car"", WTF? Did you steal the plant from a dead or comatose veteran? Wouldn’t surprise me at all, sadist!
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