"I Saw You" At The Funeral Sunday

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Customer at Walmart

I met you at 9:00pm. Didn’t get your name, but was mesmerized by your beauty. You had blonde and blue hair with the cutest dimples, plus lots of piercings. You saw me many times throughout the store, and outside. You drove off saying, "Good night." I was touched. Come back in … same time, same place. I think we could hit it off! I’ve never met anyone who made me stumble on my words like you did!

Guardian Angel at Smiths on 4th and Guadalupe Trail!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You paid for my groceries when you saw I was in need. You touched my heart and really made a difference for my family. Thank you. I will never forget that. Your random act of kindness will be paid forward. With all our love, Mother with Twins

Years later I do miss you

Wonder where you are Jeff M. Nights when I miss the late night call of you. Wishing I could call you. All I have are memories. You were the best. Would do it again if you wanted. The gal on Thaxton.

At the funeral Sunday

Lost your number, but you said you read the
Alibi. The song you asked about goes by different names, was written by Blind Willie Johnson in 1927. "In My Time of Dyin’ ," "So I can Die Easy" and my favorite version, John Sebastian’s "Well, Well, Well". A lot of different bands have recorded it, even Led Zeppelin. OK?

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