"I Saw You" At The Ghetto Smith’s

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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It Could Be Fuller, Even the Moon Knows

You used to visit your friend before we knew each other. Even then, I knew there was something about you. Then there were moments and images that confirmed my suspicions. The stray feathers. Wearing my flannel on that cold night. The first kiss on those stairs to nowhere. The intense way you do puzzles, pencil in hand, eyes straining to read clue numbers. The way your eyes change color from brown to green in the sunlight, with strange flecks of gold. Magical. Unreal. Apple pie. Fate.

Swiped my rewards card for you at the Ghetto Smith’s

You: Tall with semi curly blonde/brown hair, wearing a denim jacket with a few faded patches

Me: Shaved head, stretched ears, wearing a grey plaid shirt

We checked out next to one another in the self-checkout line and you smiled adorably at me and asked me to swipe my Smith’s card for you. I didn’t know how to make small talk other than to compliment you on your taste in juice, but you seem like the type of person I’d like to know better.

Ojos Locos Amanda

I’ve been giving my girlfriend the same number of Red Bulls you pounded the other night, but all she gets is anxious and bloated, not radiant and sassy like you. I guess you have a fairy Godmother, Cinderella. But if you’re still looking for a prince, perhaps we’ll meet again.

West side Lo Montanita parking lot 20Dec 1255pm

You: very, very chic in your tailored, soft yellow suit; very stunning.

You commented that I had a beautiful BMW—oriental blue—as you were returning your cart to the coral.

I was in my yardwork grubbies, wouldn’t you know.

Your new silver MB was not near so beautiful as you.

Would enjoy coffee and scones at Starbucks.


I have never heard of anything like this working, but it’s worth a try.

Home Depot Looker

You introduced yourself to me at a hardware store in July 2013. Tim? I wish I had stayed to chat. What a gentleman!

Midnight, Bank of Albuquerque

You: Mysterious fog billowing from the top of the Bank of Albuquerque building into the night sky.

Me: Slightly concerned. What are you, and why are you here? Why do you rise from this building and no other?

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