"I Saw You" At The Science Cafe

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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“Here’s what I’ve learned about deal breakers. If you have enough natural chemistry with someone, you overlook every single thing that you said would break the deal.” –Taylor Swift | Reply for free or see more “I Saw You” posts at alibi.com/personals.

Can’t forget that look

You came in to RL for lunch on Saturday, March 28th, wearing a yellow shirt, and gave this waiter a look I will not soon forget. You were with a date so I couldn’t approach you, but I hope you’ll come back and give me another chance. I can’t forget you and won’t forgive myself until the situation is rectified.
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Chemistry is an Art

You are the well-dressed, slim lab tech at the Science Cafe 3-28. Wondering if my valence can attract your ions. R.
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Tall & tanned at Chili’s on Coors 3/26 6:45pm

On Thursday, 03/26, at 6:45pm. You stepped outside briefly (to smoke?), smiled big and said ‘hi’. You are tall, and tanned, and looked great in your terry cloth or velour summer dress. You asked if I was still waiting on your way in and I complimented you on your fantastic smile. You poked your head back through to flash that smile again and thank me in that sultry voice. I know there were sparks there. Tell me what color your hair and your dress is/was and I’ll know it’s you.
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