"I Saw You" At The Times Square Deli—Or Was It The Juan Tabo Library?

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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A huge Sumo dude at Disneyland

You were the supersonic blonde at the Times Square Deli on Wednesday. Here’s a story. When I was 15 I was at Disneyland when this huge Sumo dude walked past. A young boy, maybe four or five, stood transfixed by this mountain of a man, not able to take his eyes off of the dude as he got in line for the Matterhorn. So what did I do? I leaned in and said to the boy, "You know, he ate Mickey Mouse earlier. Minnie, too." I regret making the boy cry, but not as much as I regret not getting your name.

Sexy Juan Tabo NE Librarian

I can tell you’re a steaming cauldron of passion. I can never seem to find the time when you are either not waiting on patrons or surrounded by fellow workers. I’m nuts over you and I would love nothing more than develop a friendship leading to a long-term relationship with you. You know who you are, you succulent minx! I want to serenade you, cook for you, spoil you and drive you absolutely wild with desire. I’m the one your Mother didn’t tell you about …

Thurs. morning at the Daily Grind

You were getting scones (ALL their scones, and a bit of a lecture), as I walked out. I sat at a table but found myself at a loss for words, as you walked out. Beautiful women can do that to me. If it wasn’t just me, I’d like another chance.

Judy in 2 Blue Foot Casts

Judy—We met and talked briefly about your broken feet at the Summerfest concert on Sat. I was the guy sitting beside you and your friends and "taking it all in". Would like to check out this gorgeous and engaging young woman with dinner and a dance or 2 in a less congested atmosphere. Let me know when and where. DW

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