"I Saw You" At Tia Betty Blue’s

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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You still star in my daydreams…

You and your daughter were sweet enough to explain away the fear of flight to a mom and her daughter sitting across from you at Tia Betty Blue’s on 9/14… I was on my maiden trip to the restaurant and found myself captivated by you. I wanted to talk to you but was frozen by uncharacteristic shyness.

Susan the Cowboys fan

From Uptown Sunday Night Football. I hope to see you in your "Where’s Waldo" shirt very soon. You’re gorgeous.

You Both Knew I’d See You

Alibi-reading boyfriend turned his cap around so the bill would hide his face, but he made sure you were recorded in all of your glory. Be thankful I’m the kind of guy that deleted what followed. Jackasses like your boyfriend would have put you on youtube. Don’t let your affection for the idiot make you get used by low-lifes like that guy. He should not be trying to degrade you in front of cameras for his personal thrills. What would your family and friends think? Think about it!

Et oui, c’est un adieu.

For a while I’ve wondered what impression I left on you, all those years ago. I know it was significant enough to make you notice, but not enough to make you care. I thank you for the memories you’ve given me. For the familiar comfort of a once well known presence you managed to resurrect within me, one final time. I’ll always miss you. After our final night together, I knew it wasn’t to be. I bid you farewell, dear Sir, and hope all the best for your future.
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