"I Saw You" At Yale And Central, Waiting For The Light

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Such a beautiful person at Starbucks on Gibson

Just wanted to compliment a beautiful female employee who works at the Starbucks on Gibson. Thank you for your kindness and that amazing smile. Unfortunately I do not know your name, but really I want to ask if you would like to have dinner sometime. You may have an idea who this is but for the meantime I will remain anonymous! Hopefully someone brings this ad to your attention and since multiple females work there I guess I should end this post with a hint: she takes quite a bit of trips.

Gorgeous Blonde at Cafe Trang

Gorgeous Blonde at Cafe Trang Saturday afternoon. Couldn’t stop looking at you, nice smile, didn’t want to bother you since you were with a friend & her baby. Hope you see this and are free to get in touch, look forward to seeing you again.

I agree with your bumperstickers

I saw you at the Triangle in Cedar Crest around 7 on Sat. You had red hair, were wearing a reddish dress, driving a white car with a “save the rats “PETA sticker. I pulled in behind you in a silver Trooper. Coffee and converstaion someday?

Japanese Steel @ Central and Yale

You: Stunning goddess on a gold Miyata single speed

Me: Road bike geek in full costume 🙂

We shared a brief moment at Yale and Central waiting for the light. I said, "I like your bike, that’s Japanese steel!" The light changed and we went our separate ways. Then, like magic, you appeared again at the same spot the next day! I recognized you from across the the intersection, and I think you recognized me as well, we waved, smiled and then, the damn light again! would you like to go 4 a ride and ?
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