"I Saw You" Being Compassionate And Kind

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Pino Trail & Elena Gallegos Sat 10/22

We met on the trail, you on your way down, me on my way up. Your dog wanted to play with my dog. When I got down the trail you were there and you made a flirty comment about beverages. I got nervous. Thought you were cute, though! Totally should have stayed and chatted with you. Email me with your preferred drink you mentioned. Would love to enjoy one with you.

Biker on Blue Harley Downtown

This is a loooong shot, but I saw you leaving the downtown area on 10/28/11 around 2:30pm. You were in leathers and crossed the street to get on your Harley (which was gorgeous btw). I was in a white Suzuki xl7 (SUV) and nearly caused an accident with the double-take we both took. Would love to get together for a drink or coffee. Would also love to see that smile again.


A couple months ago along Hwy 337/S-14, I was walking beside the highway because my truck broke down by campgrounds. A truck with a gentleman and little girl stopped & asked if I needed help or a ride. I wanted to post this ad to personally "thank him" for being a compassionate and kind human being. Nobody else stopped to help me. Regretfully I refused the ride and stayed with leg-cramps and wondering: "Who was that kind soul or what friendship could have been?"

Charge Nurse at Presbyterian 25 great smile—KAM

KAM. I think about you every day. I miss your beautiful smile and talking to you all day and night. You should call me so we can talk. I will do what it takes to sweep you off your feet. Hopefully this is a start …
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