"I Saw You" Buying A Book About The Dark Arts

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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“I am a great admirer of mystery and magic. Look at this life—all mystery and magic.” –Harry Houdini | Reply for free or see more “I Saw You” posts at alibi.com/personals.

Someone to perform rituals with

Saturday the 4th (on the blood moon), at the Blue Eagle metaphysical shop, you: a blonde bobbed-haired young witch dressed in black buying a book about the dark arts; myself: tall, dark and mysterious. I went and talked to you a little but went a little blank. Afterwards I regretted not talking a little more. We may have some things in common; maybe we can learn some things from each other.
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Mohawk Man With a Taste for Art

I want to taste you, mohawk man. I’m so glad I missed the sooner bus this morning as looking at you was a delicious treat before work. I love the messy outgrown ’do you got going on and the retro aviators you’re sporting. I’d like to think that I was secretly eyeing you as you were distracted looking at that lady’s awesome art. But perhaps my stares were obvious to you because I couldn’t really keep my eyes off. I couldn’t help but fantasize about what is under those boxers of yours.
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Thanks for helping me start my car!

You guys showed up to the rescue when my car stopped moving on Menaul right off the freeway. You helped drive us to get a can of gas, helped push the car off the street and helped us get the car started even after it wouldn’t start with more gas. This kind of kindness gave me such happiness and hope—THANK YOU!
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Persian Goddess at Genghis Grill

I was standing next to you while you made your selections for the grillmasters at Genghis Grill yesterday. Your long flowing luxurious hair, your seductive eyes … I stumbled to ask you about the selections. Your beauty was breathtaking!
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