"I Saw You" Chain Smoking Marlbolo Reds And Drinking Marble

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Face Paint/Cupcake Wine

Lowe’s Market at 12th & Lomas Sat. 1/26 around 6:15 p.m. You were wearing the prettiest face paint and you had the nicest way about you. We were in the wine aisle together. You found the Red Velvet for me. I (feeling foolish, moments later) was kicking myself for leaving without at least an introduction … at best a way to get in touch. I even circled back to see if you were still there. Alas.


I Saw You Last Valentine’s Day

I will not go out on Valentine’s Day anymore. It is an especially cruel day on which to be without one’s greatest Love. The pain usually reserved for some of us on that day is greatly magnified if you happen to see that one person in the company of another. It is not only an instant visual reminder, branded unto your soul, that though close in proximity, your hearts will forever beat far away from each other, but that you never truly know the dark recesses of some people’s hearts.

Dive Into My Heart

You: UK-style sexy in a velour scarf and leather jacket, chain smoking Marlbolo Reds and drinking Marble at Bricklight Dive.

Me: sipping hard cider from a straw and staring into those lovely eyes. Be my early Valentine?


I saw you at the party last Friday night. You strode in like a lion with your eyes blazing bright and all the pretty women turned to look at you. But can they know as I do all that you’ve been through?

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