"I Saw You" Checking Out My Sweet Boo-Tay

Who Saw? Who Was Seen? Was It You?

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Walgreens Hottie

Caught you checking out my sweet boo-tay in my black cat pants and groupie haircut. Guess that’s why they call it a check-out line, no? Didn’t think you swung that way at first—you and your boyfriend looked really cute together, although he talks too much. I’d have asked to role-play Three’s Company with you two, but you two had some crazy/amazing connection I didn’t want to get in the middle of. Don’t let Jack get away, Janet. But if he does, come find Chrissy. I’ll buy the pleasure pack.

A Lobster’s RSVP

Ah, my longshanks Circe, forgive me, I must decline …

I know your plans for this crustacean

include a butter dip and wine!

I will always cherish December 2009,

then too I was to be the entré

for your lobster-fest with the swine!

Muffins & Donuts

Looking all skinny in your purple accoutrements, and like an hourglass in your trench/stripper coat. We were meant to bee. Make this life worth it. We all experience the disaster, but we all don’t get a chance at the beauty. Not like this. I like your game plans, but you don’t win unless you play, not even you. Thank you for the sweet donut. But don’t leave me with half a heart. I saw the sunrise that morning, as if for the first time. You got back for sure. Now let me get you back.

My galaxy

Satellite, Alameda and 528.

You, red hair hipster style sitting next to me doing your homework. The moment I saw you I knew you were someone I needed to get to know better. I see you every time I go to Satellite. We need to hang out. Meet me at Satellite Feb. 15th @ 3:30.

Yours truly,

Costa Rica

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